Kiev Medical University

This University of Ukraine has the following material-technical base: basic (general science) department have their own databases, clinical departments are located on the base of institutions and the best medical institutions in the city, operates a library, there are dormitories for foreign and nonresident students.
The Institute was founded in 1992.
Our main pride – the scientists of the institute. Their search is directed at the scientific justification for the most effective methods of both classical and folk medicine. Scientists of the Institute introduced the practice of modern drugs, such as “Yoditserin” and “Polifitol.” Created comprehensive interdepartmental scientific program to study the mechanisms of action of the most effective means of herbal medicine and homeopathy.
It is worth recalling that our institute has been recognized abroad: we have students from 20 countries worldwide. A special focus of our efforts – is the international activities of the institute. It aims at establishing strong international relationships with foreign colleagues. Even today, medical school cooperates with international institutions and supports scientific relations with Great Britain, USA, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, etc. The Institute also participates in international scientific and educational program “Revival”, etc. Further development of international relations – is a promising area of ​​activity aimed at increasing the scientific potential of our institution as a whole – to strengthen the international status of Ukraine, its peaceful policy and the pursuit of economic and social progress.
Students of the Institute of interesting live busy lives. They all share the desire, above all, learn all the most progressive, which has acquired today is not only classic but also traditional medicine. Considerable attention is given to the Institute for clubs, where every student can be applied to their inclinations. Work for basketball, soccer and other sports clubs, parties kotoryx stali prizerami mezhdugorodnyx and drugix sorevnovany. The potentiality of the Institute Studenty imeyut poceschat basceyn, trenazherny zal, and the eccentricity pomogaet them razvitii lichnocti of Physical and zakalivaet.