Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA)

This University of Ukraine has the following material-technical base of 7 academic buildings, library science, publishing center, a modern computer equipment, Internet access, the campus (the crew).
The Academy was founded in 1944.
Odessa National Maritime Academy has long been well known in the world maritime community. The Academy is a leading academic, scientific and methodical center, which defines the philosophy, strategy and the development of maritime education in Ukraine. In the new economic conditions, the main task of the Academy is to ensure the competitiveness of our graduates in the domestic and global labor markets due to high quality standards of training of seafarers, the implementation of all international and national requirements, the integration in the curricula of the most demanding claims of leading shipowners around the world.
Every year more and more domestic and foreign ship owners some of whom are representatives of Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Japan and other leading maritime countries give preference to Ukrainian seamen, and above all, graduates of our academy.
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